Is ghostwriting punishable?

Ghostwriting is a service in Europe and thus basically legal. However, no rights of third parties may be violated. Therefore, our ghostwriters with the acceptance of the agreed fee their author’s rights unlimited from the customer. Our clients therefore do not have to mention the ghostwriters in their own work and act legally.

In the academic field, however, criminal consequences may arise if a work that is not written independently is issued as a separate performance. However, there is no nationwide uniform regulation, because the universities handle the problem very differently. If a university insists on a simple written assurance of self-employment, the wrong information can not be prosecuted.

The situation is different with an affidavit. This is required by many universities at the end of a qualification work. Here students must assure “on oath” that they have written the thesis using no other means than those specified in the work. This insurance may well result in criminal consequences. However, the ghostwriting must be proven, which is not possible without the help of the ghostwriter. Our authors are bound to secrecy and treat every order with due discretion.