How to write a bachelor thesis?

Before you can start with the actual writing process, you have to choose a topic from the department and develop a question. As a rule, the topic is determined in close consultation with the supervisor, who sometimes also offers suitable topics for a bachelor thesis.

Since there are only a few months of processing time available for the bachelor thesis, the topic should be narrowly defined. In addition, sufficient specialist literature must be available for the selected field of research and the topic must be relevant to one’s own field of study.

The main requirement of a bachelor thesis is that the students examine a self-selected topic with a scientific question and arrive at their own results. For this, the state of research must be reflected and the existing theoretical approaches discussed. On the basis of existing literature, theses must be formed independently in a bachelor thesis. These theses should be discussed in the paper and condensed into a result.

Universities attach great importance to compliance with scientific standards. The many cases of plagiarism in recent years have led to increased awareness among universities, which is also reflected in the use of electronic plagiarism checks. Therefore, it is imperative that a distinction is made very precisely between own and foreign ideas. Direct and indirect citations must be indicated by quotation marks or footnotes.