What is the structure of a bachelor thesis?

The following pattern applies to the construction of a bachelor thesis:

  • Cover sheet
  • Contents
  • Introduction (question, definition of the topic)
  • Bulk
  • conclusion / conclusion (answer to the question asked)
  • Literature and source list
  • Appendix (used empirical materials, documents, etc.)

The scope of a bachelor thesis is not uniform but varies depending on the university and field of study. As a rule, between 30 and 60 pages of text are required (exclusive list of literature and sources). Some universities make very specific specifications regarding the length of the work and prescribe the number of signs and words. These details are mandatory.

In addition to the formal structure, the work must conform to general scientific standards, i. the text must be grammatically and orthographically correct and mark foreign ideas by the use of quotations. In addition, the literature used is given in the footnotes and documented in detail in the bibliography.

The content of the work roughly divided into three parts. In the introduction, the topic is classified in the larger research context and the relevance for the own subject area is explained. The main part of the work is devoted to the investigation of the chosen topic and the question explained above. In conclusion, the own theses and work results are summarized and the questions raised at the beginning are answered.